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We have landed in Pierrefitte-Nestalas, in the High Pyrenees. Below is basecamp.
Such was the trauma of jaunt through Marseille that we decided to grind away the memory by tackling the Tourmalet, the highest mountain in the Pyrenees. The Tour de France has used this mountain more than any other in this range. Stellar views and Tour de llogistics makes this a no-brainer. 
It is long and difficult. We rode up and over and back for a total elevation gain of over two miles.

The Tour de France will do both sides of the mountain this year, as it is the 100 anniversary of the inclusion of the Tourmalet. The names of the top riders are painted on the road for miles. Love him or hate him, he peed all over france in an era of tainted pee.

There are sheep all over the mountain. Tourmalet cheese comes from them. Mmmm. Also there are wild yaks and donkeys.

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