The Col Collection

Want to compare the difficulty of different climbs? Here we have a table of climbs and stats for significant or popular cycling climbs that I’ve done. You can sort by location, ascent ft, average gradient, and difficulty* (FIETS).
*The Fiets Index was created by the Dutch cycling magazine FIETS.  The actual formula is:    [H^2/D*10] + (T-1000:1000; but only if greater than 0)

  • H = ending elevation minus starting elevation in meters.
  • D = total distance traveled in meters.
  • T = Height in meters.
  • ^ = multiply that number by itself (i.e., square the number)
  • * = multiply
  • Note:  Only add T-1000 if that number is greater than zero.

Here is a map of all Col Collection climbs.

Cols and Climbs CompletedDifficulty (FIETS)Distance - milesVertical Ascent - feetAverage GradeLocation
Cols and Climbs CompletedDifficulty Score (FIETS)Distance - milesVertical Ascent - feetAverage GradeLocation
Gotthard Pass (Airolo)8.27.630497.6%Switzerland
Gotthard Pass (Hospental)5.25.619707.1%Switzerland
Klausen Pass (Altdorf)9.614.849086.7%Switzerland
Col de la Croix de Fer (Barrage du Verney)7.315.146356.9%France
Col du Glandon (Barrage du Verney)5.915.742716.7%France
Col du Soulor (Arrens-Marsous)5.24.633437.8%France
Alpe d'Huez9.78.435868.3%France
Arp Du Jeu4.5 4.017728.4%Italy
Col de la Gueulaz(Lac d’Emosson)8.36.629958.5%Switzerland
Boulder Canyon4.73.82,8153.4%Boulder
Col d'Agnes (Aulus les Bains)7.36.126208%France
Col de la Croix (Les Diablerets)5.45.220117.2%Switzerland
Col de la Croix (Ollon)11.410.744436.8%Switzerland
Col de la Croix de Morts35.513294.6%France
Col de la Forclaz (Martigny)8.78.233947.8%Switzerland
Col de Ordino (Ordino)5.66.222606.3%Andorra
Col de Port (Tarascon)4.19.226505.7%France
Col de Sarenne (Le Freney d'Oisans)8.19.937467.1%France
Col du Chioula (Ax les Thermes)5.57.024636.5%France
Col du Chioula (N 20 - D 44)4.411.730384.2%France

Col du Galibier
Col du Marmare (Luzenac)4.41131744.7%France
Col du Marmare (N 20 - D 44)5.18.621854.8%France
Col du Pradel (Niort de Sault)6.47.827336.6%France
Sanetsch Pass13.215.858276.6%Switzerland
Col du Tentes9.819.255695.1%France

Col du Telegraphe
Col du Tourmalet (Luz Saint Sauveur)11.311.950687.5%France
Col du Tourmalet (Campan)10.713.247107.8%France
Collada de Beixalis5.64.418348.7%Andorra
Falzarego (north)5.98.626506.1%Italy
Falzarego (south)6.27.726626.4%Italy
Flagstaff - "Superflag" (Gregory Canyon to mailboxes)6.14.619358.6%Boulder
Forcella Staulanza (Caprile)4.9926365.5%Italy
Furkapass (Obergoms)6.710.533826.4%Switzerland
Furkapass (Realp)5.4418398.2%Switzerland
Gavia Pass (Bormio)9.315.846246.3%Italy
Gavia Pass (Ponte de Legno)11.41245127.9%Italy
Great St. Bernard (old ski station)4.4 3.917628.5%Switzerland
Great St. Bernard (St. Rhemy-en-Bosses)7.98.831466.5%Italy
Grosse Scheidegg (Meiringen)11.510.241409.6%Switzerland
Klausen Pass (Linthal)10.115.251346%Switzerland
Lac de Moiry10.219.366394.8%Switzerland
Lee Hill to end of Deer Trail (from 36)5.76.623347.9%Boulder
Left Hand Canyon (36 to Brainard Lake)8.221.252385.3%Boulder
Lookout Mountain3.14.51,2055.2%Golden
Luz Ardiden8.38.333647.6%France
Magnolia Road (to dirt)7.74.522039.9%Boulder
Mortirolo14.1 7.6417910.8%Italy
Mt Evans (Evergreen - not a continuous climb)11.635.483164.1%Colorado
Mt Evans (Idaho Springs)10.727.461634.4%Colorado
Mt Lemmon8.225.254954.6%Tucson
Nigerpass (Vigo de Fassa)3.73.913886.8Italy
Nigerpass (Tiers)5.58.226555.6%Italy
Passo Campolongo (Corvara)2.93.911945.8%Italy
Passo Campolongo (Arabba)3.34.914765.7%Italy
Passo del Ghisallo (Bellagio)2.85.317275.2%Italy
Passo dello Stelvio (Bormio)12.213.450307.1%Italy
Passo dello Stelvio (Prato)15.415.159327.4%Italy
Passo di Marmolada / Fedaia8.29.133618.9%Italy
Passo Duran (Dont)5.85.421787.4%Italy
Passo Giau (Pocol)6.55.722887.9%Italy
Passo Giau (Selva di Cadore)9.76.229858.9%Italy
Passo Pordoi (Arabba)5.75.822057%Italy
Passo Pordoi (Canazei)6.47.325416.5%Italy
Sella Pass (Canazei)6.46.925537.2%Italy
Pikes Peak17.424.677825.9%Colorado
Plateau de Beille10.69.941787.7%France
Port de Cabus7.511.435855.5%Andorra
Port de Lers (Massat)8.3832715.2%France
Col de Pailhères (Usson)9.6 9.437777.8%France
Sugarloaf Road6.34.820368%Boulder
Sunshine Canyon (4th to top)7.2930466.4%Boulder
SuperJames (from 36)5.99.426185.1%Boulder
Susten Pass9.120.959894.7%Switzerland
Trail Ridge Road (Estes Park to Visitors Center)7.324.647944%Colorado
Trail Ridge Road (Grand Lake side to Visitors Center)5.71431004.2%Colorado
Valparola (west)5.28.925156.2Italy
Valparola (east)4.77.921895.9%Italy
Tre Cime di Lavaredo (Cortina)6.713.142245.6%Italy