This website is where I share my cycling experiences and the quest to ride the worlds most beautiful roads. With age comes wisdom and sore knees, and each year this quest becomes more rewarding than the year before. This is because the more I travel with my bike the more I learn that the best roads are not necessarily the names you know from the big races.

Yes many of these household name climbs are spectacular and are must-dos. The Tourmalet, Stelvio, Gavia, and St. Gotthard Pass call into this category. Others are dumb and should be avoided. Alpe d’Huez tops that list, thought the back side of Alpe d’Huez is pretty cool. The best roads, however, are the ones you have to work to find or even stumble upon.

I hope this website both inspires and informs cyclists who are on their own quest to ride the most beautiful roads (and trails) in the world.


Ted Zuhlsdorf on Trail Ridge Road in Colorado Rocky Mountain National Park

When I’m not riding my bike or thinking about riding my bike (link to Strava profile), I’m probably busy with Leadville 100 MTB Training Services, where I focus exclsively on preparing athletes for the Leadville 1oo MTB race. Whether you just want to finish or you want a PR, https://leadville100mtb.com is for you.
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