The Dolomites

About the Dolomites

The Dolomites are a mountain range in northeastern Italy and are visually striking due to the rather uniques composition of the rock, which has a high density of the mineral dolomite. There 18 peaks over 10,000 ft, ensuring stunning views no matter where you are.

The regions was a part of the Austro-Hungarian empire until 1919, when Italy took it as a post-WWI prize. Fighting between the Italians and Austrian Empire during WWI claimed over 100,000 lives in the area. Avalanches claimed at least half all lives because artillery would start snow and rock slides on the steep terrain.  On December 13, 1916, a day now remembered as White Friday, over 10,000 soldiers from both sides died in avalanches!

Today Italian, German, English, and local dialects are all present and communication is rarely an issue.

The Dolomites, in my opinion, offer the absolute best opportunity for the dream cycling vacation. The climbs are copious, challenging, and beautiful. The food and coffee are great. The people are friendly. As a bonus, due to the rightful popularity of cycling in the Dolomites you will also come into contact with a lot of interesting cyclists from all over the world.

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