Thoughts on Cycling in Switzerland

Switzerland is shockingly, amazingly, mis-marketed to the cyclo-tourist. I think this is because the Tour de France sucks up a lot of air and informs what we cyclists think are the gold standards of cycling climbs. Let me say, as a cyclist who has ridden a lot of the big climbs in France, the challenges of Switzerland are much greater than in France or anywhere I can think.

Switzerland in a nutshell for cyclists

  • Epic and unequaled beauty
  • It’s more expensive than most of Europe
  • The food and coffee are just okay
  • The people speak English well but are reserved
  • The climbs are huge, the roads are excellent, and there is little traffic
  • Bonus: You may chase down Fabian Cancellara

You can cover a lot of the biggest and best climbs in a hub-and-spoke manner from just a few base camps. Bring your A-game because the Swiss Alps will kick your ass.

The Best climbs in Switzerland